Lightroom video slideshows and frame rates

Slideshows are really quick and easy in Lightroom once you have a preset or two configured. And they’re easy to export to video too.

However, an issue that might bite you if you want to put them on a DVD or incorporate it into another video project is that the exports are at a 30 fps frame rate.

You’ll need 25 fps for a PAL DVD or 24 to integrate with that cinematic video you’ve been shooting on your 5D2/3. :)

So based on this post from Lightroom News which dealt with exporting video from time-lapse photography, I was able to put together a few presets that let you export video in 720p at 24 or 25 fps.

Download the presets here:

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Lightroom: Open 2 catalogues at once

A common thing I’ve seen pop up in feature requests for Lightroom is the ability to have two catalogues open at once. The main use case is so there can be exports running from one, while editing or processing in the other.

Well I do just that.

But first a warning; this method is not documented anywhere and likely unsupported, so any loss of data is your own responsibility. And I run Macs, so I have no idea if you can do this under Windows. I would avoid changing any settings or preferences in Lightroom that are likely to affect the other copy as well.

The trick is to duplicate the main Lightroom application, as shown:

window showing the main Lightroom application duplicated

Then you can open up both copies independently, load separate catalogues into each, and tada! You can now export from one while working in the other.

screenshot showing two copies of Lightroom open

(click to see full-size)

Hope this helps in your search for an efficient workflow!