Getting White Balance right in camera

One method to speed up your colour-correction after a shoot is to get white balance right in camera.

Here’s how I’ve been doing it over the past few months:

Pop the camera into Liveview, ensure your exposure is correct, then hit the WB button and the menu comes up on the LCD. Set it to Kelvin, and then use the other dial to quickly scroll through the temperature settings until you’re happy. Done!

I often end up in the 3400-4000K range for weird mixes of light, but I knew that already from my post-processing in Lightroom.

Caveat: This doesn’t work so well for very green sources like fluoros. You could go in and set the WB offset in the menu, but then you may as well just go and do a custom white balance.

This is obviously an ‘eyeball’ method, and so is not really useful if you need a ‘technically correct’ white balance. But in many genres (weddings, portraits, etc), apleasing white balance is preferable to a technically correct one, and this method lets you set just that – a pleasing white balance.

(Credit to Jonathan Dear who uses Liveview to set his exposure, which inspired this method.)