Learning music

I learned the piano as a kid, then forgot. Taught myself some hacked-at bass, guitar and singing as a teenager. Now, many years on, I’m rather rusty at all of the above.
Add to this that my kids are at the age where I’m keen for them to get into music… and that means I’m investigating how to imbue them with a love for not just listening, but also creating.

So… some ideas and resources. Hope they’re a good starting point.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band. I’ve had this for years now. I didn’t play an enormous amount, but the drumming I did do helped me with my rhythm no end. The kids have played it a little on beginner mode, where they just have to hit the guitar’s “strum” button in time. Rock Band 3 came out after I’d lost a bit of interest, it allows you to use some real instruments.

Rocksmith. Virtual guitar game à la Guitar Hero, but using a real guitar.

Synthesia. Again, like Guitar Hero, but for piano using a MIDI keyboard. (Also HDPiano which has a video of the hands playing.)

Musiah. Found this while looking around for self-taught piano options. It’s a computer program that uses a keyboard/piano hooked up via MIDI and claims to be a “virtual piano teacher.”

Wolfie and TonaraiPad apps for piano. Interactive sheet music, listens and grades.

musictheory.net and Tenuto. Music theory.