Why Apple Watch?

The tech press is once again fixated on its ridiculous neomania; you should get an Apple Watch because it’s new. And “cool”. No-one has done even a half-reasonable job of justifying how anyone is actually going to benefit.

No. That sucks. Let’s see if I can do better.

First, why? This is not a replacement for the phone, it’s for the moments in-between. Times when it’s going to be annoying, inconvenient or rude to use the phone. Quick glances, information checks.

Next, how do I interact with it? A button, a scroller and… Siri. She’s been much improved with iOS8 and iPhone6 (not sure how much credit goes where), but usability is improved to the point where… it’s actually usable.

So… what actual real-life situations am I talking.

Note taking while you’re involved in something else.

Grocery lists; it’s awkward juggling a list (paper or on phone), a trolley, and getting things off the shelf.

Music: Remote both for music off the phone, and for a home setup with iTunes and AirPlay. You can also load some music on to the watch, leave your phone, and use Bluetooth headphones to listen.

Maps; I’m often wandering around the city and need to just orient myself.

Weather: a quick check of the radar.

Fitness; they covered that stuff pretty well already.

An app I want: a “schedule app” for photo shoots. Integrates locations, alerts for time to move on, GPS directions to next location, etc.

There’s more… but I’ll stop there for now.