I was intrigued by Apple’s new “Fusion Drive” that is an option on the new Mac Mini and 27" iMac, and I went digging through the configuration screens to see the price of said drive.

So it’s $300 (AUD) for 1TB spinning-rust plus 128GB of flash, vs $360 for just the upgrade to the 256GB SSD alone. So there’s a slight premium attached to it, how unusual for Apple. ;)

For a power user who will manage their own storage, the path of hard drive and SSD still seems like the better option, but for the everyday consumer this is a great advance. The speed of SSD and capacity of a hard-drive, transparent to the user, with easy backup and restore.

Further reading: Digging Into Apple’s Fusion Drive Details – The Mac Observer

To go with my iPhone discussion, I’ve uploaded a pic with all the applications I have on my phone. I’m often trying out new ones, but these are staying for a while.

Most apps are fairly self-explanatory from the icon and name.

I was having a water-cooler chat this morning with a friend, and he mentioned that while working in Scotland, for retail therapy he had once bought a kilt.

This encouraged me to go look up the Marshall tartan, with the result shown here.

Unfortunately Marshall isn’t a Scottish name, Northern England rather, and so this design was commissioned by an American company.

Oh well, now I know I can never be William Wallace.